Saturday, February 25

Weekend In Review

What a great weekend!
No schoolwork, lots of rest, full of family, and a bridal shower to top off the fun!

Some awesome pictures of the sunset! {had to share both}

I got to see my wonderful Grandparents after I drove back to my home town.

They were funny and sweet as always!
Here is a picture of my Grandpa hanging out on the couch with us last night.


When I was getting ready for bed Ryan called {he had to stay in Raleigh to work}.
He told me to look out my window.
I looked out it and there he was in his car!
He came just to see me for the night and be with me on Saturday morning before he had to work!
How sweet! It was a great surprise.

This morning we had this super delicious breakfast!

And this afternoon I was privileged to go to Jenny's Bridal shower!
It was full of sweet women who all love Jenny and Nate!
The gifts were too numerous to count.
She will be baking lots of pies on the account that she received about 3 or 4 pie dishes!

So thankful for this relaxing weekend and it isn't even over!

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