Tuesday, February 21

My Journey: Part 3

If you are just now joining me, I have been doing a broken up post on what I have been referring to as "My Journey."

I call it a journey because I don't always know how to refer to it, but I do know that through it all, and now that I am able to look back on most of it, God taught me so much. 
He never left me alone.

We are on {Part 3}, so not too late to catch up. 
Check out these posts to read what has happened up to this point.

I started my first semester of college in August, and had almost fully recovered from my surgery in July.

One thursday in mid September I had walked into my dorm room from class and was studying some Economics when I noticed that I could not feel anything from my waste down. 

I touched the back of my head where my incision had been from the surgery and there was a golf ball sized bulge.
I immediately knew that something was way wrong.
I called my mom and told her that I needed her to come get me I was sick again.

She, being the irreplaceable mother she is, hopped in the car and drove to get me as fast as possible.
She called my neurosurgeon's office on the way and told him we needed to come in for an emergency appointment. 
I was seen that afternoon and he said that I would have to have surgery in the morning to repair the patch that had been placed in the back of my head during the first surgery. 

It all happened so fast. 
I had no time to even think about what was about to happen, I just knew that I had to have the surgery.

The next morning I was in the operating room.
There was a tiny hole in the patch they had placed where bone was in the back of my head.
They removed some of my skull and put this patch in during the first surgery to give more space for the spinal fluid to flow.
The hole had been gradually leaking.
It was no ones fault, because the hole was so small it could not be seen with the naked eye.

I spend 4 days in the hospital.
Over those days, I tried to keep up with my school work, but each day, it became more clear that I would not be able to fully recover and complete my first semester.
It was so hard. 
I had just become acquainted with college life.
I had just made friends.
Why now?
Why was this happening?
The emotional and physical pain were a lot to deal with.

{Not to mention that when they shaved my hair for the second surgery they were a lot less considerate}

I, along with my parents' help made the decision to take a medical leave of absence from that semester.
It was hard but it was the right thing. 
Boy were the days long and lonely
But we will get to that in the next editions of 
My Journey!

Thanks for reading guys! 


  1. How terrifying to find the bump and have surgery so quickly.

    1. I know! It was all happening so fast! I truly feel like was more scared after it all slowed down and I was stuck in a hospital bed again :(
      I'd love to, one day, be able to help other people who deal with the same issues I did.

  2. This sounds horrible & terrifying and so sad... =( But how great is our God?!


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