Thursday, August 7

Life Lately...

I feel bad for being so behind on updating my blog. Life gets away from you, especially when you have a busy 11 month old. If I had to describe life for the past few weeks I would say it has been a roller-coaster. There are always happy moments each day with Nora, but from time to time I struggle with my health which sure has its down moments. It seems as of late migraines, weakness, and fatigue has been the norm. BUT I am praying that I have turned the corner and am on the up. Other than fatigue and a little discouragement from the hard few weeks it's been I am feeling much better! I think my biggest challenge with what seems to be life long health issues is feeling like I fail Ryan and Nora. It's my joy to take care of Nora and illness steals a little of that joy. And it's fulfilling to give Ryan a clean and organized house in the evening and illness makes that so hard.

With all that said, you probably want to hear about the star of the show, Nora.

Here are some things I have jotted down to share over the past two weeks:

Today while scrubbing off dried avocado, caked on bunny grahams, and dried mandarine juice from the high chair I thought to myself. A pressure washer is really what I need to do this job right.

Earlier I found Nora gnawing on the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue. (Don't worry only minuscule amounts of paper may or may not have been consumed.) She has good taste. Literally.

I'm pretty proud and excited to say that my first attempt at using more than one coupon in a grocery store visit was successful! I saved $100 dollars off of our grocery and household bill these past two weeks! There is something much more rewarding about handing over 15 coupons to the cashier rather than one coupon for fifty cents. I've laughed at myself before when I used just one coupon. I mean really? haha

I'm super excited about Nora's Birthday Party coming up. I think it's going to be super cute and I have done some cool crafty decoration things. My brother must think its going to be great because he said, "Don't you thinking you're setting the bar a little high?"

Nora is now 11 months. And I promise that right after I post this, I will work on getting those pictures and update up!

Thank you to all you who read my blog.
If you aren't family then you must really be a true friend or just crazy haha!

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