Tuesday, March 18

We're Home!

We are home from a fun trip home to visit parents and grandparents! Nora really got to know all of her grands and was recognizing them by the end of the week.
It's so exciting to see how quickly they learn and all the new things babies do each day!

Her new thing is Patty Cake. She will put her hands together in a valiant effort to clap. And if you stop she will keep on "clapping."

She seriously could not have been better during our flights. We got some crazy looks with her in the Moby wrap and my back pack full of all the baby essentials booking it through the Charlotte Airport. At the end of the flight other passengers were saying how they were so amazed how well she did. They didn't even know a baby was on the plane! That's my girl ;)

Getting home is overwhelming. So much to do! Unpacking, Laundry, Grocery Shopping, and so much more! 

Last but not least, I am very excited to be taking pictures with my new 35mm 1.8 lens! This first picture was the first one I took with it! It was a stroke of luck. I am trying to teach myself everything I can about photography. Maybe one day it can be my part-time job.

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