Tuesday, May 14

balancing worry with trust

I think one of the things nobody tells you about pregnancy is that that little girl or boy will have you worried from the minute you find out they are in there. You realize that you never worried about one thing so much in your life. You worry when there seems to be no justification for your worry. 

I am 22 weeks now, but about 3 weeks ago I went for the routine anatomy scan. Everything seemed to be going great, but when she got to the heart, she just kept looking at it. Of course I am not trained to be able to see what you would expect to see but I could tell that something was not right because she kept studying it. My mom was with me since Ryan could be there, and she asked her: "is everything o.k. with the heart?" She said,"no." I was immediately terrified. She went on to explain that she saw a right arching aorta [when the aorta leaves the heart it arches left and then goes down the center of the body]. She didn't see any other defects, but I was sent to a medical university to see specialists and a geneticist, to discuss the possibility of genetic syndromes. They confirmed the finding and just last week I had one more scan with a pediatric cardiologist. We weren't what all this would mean until we saw him. He said that the heart seemed to be function normally despite the slight abnormality and that in her case it should cause her no problems.

I was so relieved. To hear those words.

Pregnancy, I am learning is such a fun, wonderful, and exciting time; but also a scary time that can be plagued with worry if we don't just trust that God has it under-control and we do all in our power to be healthy.

Boy did I remind my self of that these past weeks. I told my self no matter the outcome God wont give me more that I can handle. My love for little Nora is so great that I would do anything for her health. 

So for now little girl
Grow Healthy 
Grow Strong
We will see you in 18 weeks!

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  1. So glad you heard that. My SIL was born as a baby with Pulmonary Hypertension and a heart defect and it was really scary when she was a baby. We are so lucky to know more now then we did back then. (And she is only 18!!)


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