Wednesday, April 10

worst blogger of the year award

What has happened to me... again.
I blog for a week, then don't for three?
I haven't even turned on my laptop in weeks. 
For some reason, I don't like laptops any more.
I like desktops now.
Oh and about a month ago Ryan and I decided that since he is always on the road, we would move out of our place and back to the 'rent's house to save some $ before the baby comes and because I got super lonely living in a town all by my lonesome.
So yeah, it's weird to not have my own house. 
I'm super ready to be settled in our new place, where ever that may be.
I'm dying to have a room that will actually be our nursery.

In order to cure this awful blogging disease I have acquired, I'm going to write some scheduled posts and plan better. 
How many times have you heard this? 

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  1. Expecting a little one can do that! Even if you can't even think of WHAT you've been lose track of time I think. Happened to me anyway :))


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