Tuesday, December 11

We "Decked" the Apartment!

The original song goes "Deck the Halls"
 but considering the fact that we live in an apartment with well, no halls. 
I thought Deck the Apartment sounded more appropriate. 

This year I got really crafty and made almost every decoration except the tree!
I love Christmas and I love growing our Christmas Decorations each year!
I hope you enjoy...

 Blocks from Hobby Lobby, Box free at Yard Sale

 I think gifts are the best tree skirt.

 I can't believe this is our 3rd Christmas Card as the H Family!
 I made this wreath and I didn't even get frustrated, success!
 2011 Starbucks ornament
I love this simple Christmas decor!


  1. So cute! I definitely remember decking our apartment: such wonderful memories!

  2. Love the decorations! I really like the blocks in the wooden box.

  3. so fun! :) love the decor, girl! hope you're doing well!

  4. It all looks lovely!!! Gifts ARE the perfect tree skirt... I agree. :)

  5. Cute! Love the "Merry Christmas" block display :)


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