Thursday, December 13

The Dapper Sandlapper

It's that time of year...
for Customized Christmas Cards

The Dapper Sandlapper on Etsy is truly awesome customizable design work for every occasion.
With Christmas right around the corner we are all running around trying to get our cards ready at the last minute. ( I know I am. )
The Dapper Sandlapper is really fast and will have your proof to you super fast!
As well as make any changes to the proof you might want.

lets just say you happen to be recently engaged and starting to plan a wedding...

The Dapper Sandlapper is ready for all your design needs!

They even did this for me!


  1. love it! i'm loving your new business too! :) so excited for you and your new journey!!

  2. These are all super adorable! :) I love getting Christmas Cards in the mail!

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