Monday, September 24

Thoughts on Life Lately...

Life is so much different right now than I ever thought it would be several years ago.
I am sure sometimes you too look at where you are in life and think about how different everything is from what your plan was.
I never imagined living in South Carolina and my husband having a job that would require us to move around a lot.
I never thought that I would be more satisfied in serving him preparing to have a family some day soon than going out and being part of the big corporate world.
Lately it has been a challenge to feel satisfied.
But I have realized that if I find my hope in Christ's plan for my life, my satisfaction in my husband's love, and my joy in bringing him joy in what ever way possible then I am satisfied and fulfilled.

Ryan had been traveling for work for 9 weeks and this weekend he finally came home for good.
We celebrated by going on one of his favorite outings, camping.
We talked about all of these things and more and enjoyed a few too many s'mores and also enjoyed the first of this nice fall weather.


  1. One of the fun things about fall is making those s'mores around a campfire!! Can't wait to officially welcome the cooler weather here in Bama so I can get to stuffing my face full of them!

    Glad to see your hubby is home for good and that you two had a great weekend :)

  2. I love camping in the woods in the fall! I have plans to go in the next few months, but am trying to wait until this crazy Florida weather cools off a bit! Looks like yall had a fun and cozy time there though :)

  3. i am going camping soon and i am so excited! so glad he's home :)

  4. So happy he is home. Life is filled with craziness, but thankfullly we have God to lead us through it right! Your campingtrip looked like a blast!


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