Thursday, September 27

A Sick Little Dog

Pet Ownership... That is such a loaded phrase. It encompasses the unconditional love of a furry creature as well as complicated health concerns that leaves you and your pet in tears.

Well, that is what happend to us yesterday. 
Two nights ago Ryan noticed Sox was biting his tail and he looked under ALL THAT FUR and he saw a few sores. 
I immediately freaked out {par for the course} and thought we should take him to some Emergency vet place, but Ryan said no just make an appointment tomorrow. 
So we took him in last night to the vet and they said he had hot spots and that they needed to shave his tail so that he could heal. 

Let me interject that the first time my family dog, Jackson, got a hair cut I cried.
So, Sox getting his tail shave did not bode well in the water works department for mom.

They took him away and shaved his tail and I had to choke back the tears when he came back in. 

I haven't gotten to the funny part of the story though, because He had to wear one of those lovely cones on his head and lets just say he has run into every wall, couch, chair, and cabinet in the house.

It is quite comical actually.

So today I am sitting with the sickly and doing so me fun things around the house while this guy gets to feeling better.


  1. Awe!! This was sad, but very funny!
    I love the picture too!!! haha

  2. awe poor pup! He is so cute! What a funny story though:)

  3. Sox looks so enthused to be wearing the cone of shame! Hahaha, at least he's going to get better!

  4. awww poor pup!!! Hope he gets better soon....or at least recognizes the width of the cone soon

  5. Your dog looks like..."Shifty eyes...why are you taking a picture of me?" Super glad he is okay! He's so fetching cute.

  6. Oh my godh glad I am not the only crazy doggy momma who literally feels the need to call the emergency vet for everything! Everytime the sneeze I inspect for something wrong. I am slightly insane!

    Hope Sox (and you) feel better;)

  7. Poor pup! My pup had a hot spot on his front leg that had to be bandaged so he wouldn't lick it. He certainly didn't like that!


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