Wednesday, August 22

just call me "black thumb Clara"

I have a problem and I think you understand why with the evidence provided in the photos below.

I have a Black Thumb. You know how people say you have a green thumb if you are good with plants, well I have a black thumb because I have never had one story of success with a plan in my life.



I wanted to make my porch look nice like everyone else and have some potted plants and all that jazz, so I went to Lowes and bough a potted plant that I thought I would have no problem keeping alive.

Two days after having this little guy, I decided I should set it out in the pine straw out from under the porch to get more sun. So I leave for work and of course while I am at work a gigantic rain and hail storm comes and literally beats the living daylights out of my plant.

I was devastated when I got home to find almost nothing left of my flowers.

I have tried and tried to revive them but failure seems to be the only outcome.

Do you have any tricks?
I am about to just plant fake flowers in my pot because that is my only hope.
I thought I could be a great house wife and have this beautiful plant and keep it up but that obviously did not work.

Maybe I should just get a mini flag or something that doesn't live.

Thoughts? Suggestion? Emotional Outbursts?
Oh and you can laugh and make fun of me all you want because it really wont hurt my feelings. haha ;)


  1. I'm the same way! My mom has the greenest thumb in the world and she bought me a cute little plant that I supposedly "can't kill if I tried." Well, that poor plant has been put through the ringer...sometimes I forget to water him for a week or two or three. So now he's back at my mom's house for "rehab"..haha!

  2. I love that you posted this because just yesterday hubs was asking if we should buy some plants to put out on our balcony. He clearly underestimates me because I can't keep things alive. My mom has asked me if she could takes plants of mine home with her to save them from certain death.

  3. Clara! I love this blog! I'd never seen this before! I would cut out any stems that are utterly destroyed. If there are any that are somewhat ok, leave them alone and if there are some in the middle, try to lay them down and put dirt over them (works with tomatoes). After you've finished, your pot should have like, 5 stems sticking out of it and maybe 3 under the dirt. Not too many so the plant can prioritize it's "relief effort". It's not guaranteed to work, but it's what I would do.

  4. haha this is so me! love your blog

  5. you need to turn those pictures into one of those "NAILED IT" memes pronto.

  6. I have a black thumb too. I got two desert succulents that aren't doing too bad here with me as a gift from my mother in law. (worst feeling ever when she gives you a plant to take care of and you are like...please God don't let me kill these or my mother in law might kill me...or suggest I don't have kids) haha

  7. :( take them back to Lowes--they have a one year return. I have a horrible black thumb as well! We just bought a cactus, hopefully it will survive in the desert.

  8. I really don't think a hailstorm could be considered your fault! If those flowers didn't have anyone to take care of them, they would have been crushed just the same. I'm no good at keeping plants either, but I did get my husband a house plant for his birthday since he wanted one....then I went away on vacation for a week and I came back to find the plant flat. I was able to revive it with water, but now I feel better about myself because my husband's plant apparently needs me! :P

  9. i cant keep plants alive if my life depended on it, it's so ridiculous!


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