Monday, June 4

Marvelous Monday!!

Lately I have been introducing some of my new blogging friends to you that I don't want you to be missing out on, and Jennifer at one43 is certainly one of those girls! We have hit it off, something has just clicked and I think that we would be perfect friends in real-life! Her blog is adorable, and her personality is just as sweet.

Show her as much love as you all show me :D


hello lovely 'Happy in Life, Young in Love' readers!  am so super excited to be here today and introduce myself! i am jennifer, the heart behind one43.  i am a newbie blogger and eager to meet lots of other wonderful women. a simple way i like to sum up myself is..

i have a passion for christ. relationships are my hobby. i am a coffee addict. happily married to my best friend. i love to be creative in every aspect of life.

i love to blog on three different things - creating, cooking, and capturing and i strive to do it all to the praise and glory of God! i would love for you to grab a cup of coffee, tea, soda, water...or whatever your beverage choice is and stop by! :) i love having new readers and i just love love love comments!!

- jennifer.

And while you are clicking around today, you should check out my guest post all about our wedding and wedding cake over at Brooke's blog {The Little Delights in Life}!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing her blog!

  2. awh! thanks so much for the love! :) :) you are such a sweetheart! can't wait to see your guest post too!!

  3. Yes yes -- thank you for sharing her blog!


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