Wednesday, May 23

What Google tells me...

So, I thought it might be funny to fill you all in on some of the more humorous sides of blogging overe here at Happy in Life, Yound in Love!

We all love Google.
It is truly our best friend.
And as a blogger we love google for the humor that it brings.

I check my stats about once a week for a good laugh at what people have searched to end up on my blog.

I will tell you that people are funny, assume that google has some serious spell check, and can read words that are not separated by spaces.

Here are some of my "hall of famers"

Orange spray tan ugly
Spray tan gone bad
I'm free graduation cap
50 dates in jar
Getting a locksoflove cut
Hipster dog (20 searches?!?!)

The best one!!!!
Help me I try to be submissive to my husband but sometimes I just can't

I hope you laughed as hard as I did at the last one atleast!

Happy Wednesday!

And by the way there are posts for most of those searches if you are interested ;)
Oh and .... Search On!!!


  1. How funny! There is no telling what would come up for mine!

  2. these things are always so random and good for a laugh! have a great weekend!

    1. They really are quite funny and I wonder how in the world people come up with them...
      Sorry I am a little late replying but each comment makes my day {I get the emails on my phone}


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