Tuesday, March 27

Spur of the moment Date night: The Hunger Games

We had just finished dinner at 7:10 and Ryan says, you want to go see The Hunger Games?
      Now I have already seen the movie, but Ryan just finished the book and I have been eager for him to see it so we looked it up really fast and realized that there was a 7:00 showing!
Forget the Dishes! Were off to the movies!

He really liked it, and I of course loved it!
I am kind-of obsessed with the books and movie right now!
    {Sure wish I could braid my hair like Katnis!}

In my opinion, the book and movie are all about standing up against what is wrong. Katnis was a courageous character and I love the action and romance and suspense that is all bound up in the novel.

I only find it fitting to be into The Hunger Games though because I read 1984 three times and The Giver twice. I find books about Utopian societies interesting!

What did you think?  Movie? Book?

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