Thursday, March 22

Pictures + Thoughts = Randomness

So thankful to see Thursday come this week. Usually I am not one to wish weeks away but I sure am glad to see some relief from this sickness.

Mean while there has been some fun, like last night when Ryan and I got soft served ice cream cones from Dairy Queen! Yum!

And how about today when I was walking on campus and ran into this hanging mess of inch worms! There where inch worms having everywhere! I had them all on me! (ick)

What is a week with out an up date from the pup if the family? Sox is doing fabulous! He is sporting some pearly whites from his latest dental cleaning and has been into squirrel and bird chasing these past few weeks.

Oh and I'll admit it, I am into The Hunger Games now. A little late I will also admit but just in time to finish the book before I see the movie with my Mom in Saturday! My mom also gave me a book all about dog stories which I live because I love dogs (as if you hadn't noticed haha).

Happy almost Weekend!


  1. Ugh, I don't like worms and anything that crawls. I'd better see spiders. But that puppy's lovely :)

    1. I am not really a fan of the worms either, haha I am sure I was causing a scene because they were every where! :?

  2. Oh man I would have freaked at the worms! Sox is so cute! I've wanted a Golden Retriever for years... our yard is teeny tiny though :(


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