Monday, February 13

My Journey: part 1

I have decided to write about my "journey."

I call it a journey because I don't exactly know what else to call it.

It is centered around my health, and physical pain.

I prefer not to talk about it a lot, and especially not to those who don't know me. 

I am looking forward to writing out my feelings and how everything I went through {though big to me are minuscule to trials others face on a daily basis} have helped me really grow and become reliant on Christ. 

I pray that my pitiful attempt to write this would reach just one person. 

I'll write this in several parts.

Just a quick background:
I was born in 1990. 
Healthy as could be and always happy. 
I made it to high school with nothing more than what mom referred to as the "Sonic headache"
I would have headaches in the afternoons about 3 or 4 times a week and sonic slushies were my "cure."
Although the headache remained after I had the slushie.
{remember that one, it will make sense later}

In high school, my headaches worsened and other symptoms began.
I passed out cold one morning after waking up and walking in the kitchen.
I would often pass out when I stood up in class to turn a paper in, and by 4th period my head hurt so bad I could not function. 

{me in high school with my 2 best friends}

This became the norm for me.
My parents knew that answers were needed. 

I went to a cardiologist.
{I wore a heart monitor for 3 weeks, nothing wrong}

I went to a neurologist.
He tried to put me on depression medicine.
He said this may make you gain wait but your going to college so you will do that anyway.
{that didn't settle well at all}
I was not having headaches because I was depressed.
I may have been depressed because I never felt good.
He ran some tests and said I had a minor defect but not to worry.
My parents are both doctors and they knew that the "minor defect" was something to get a second opinion about. 

I was referred to one of the best pediatric neurologist in the country for what is call Chiari Malformation.
It was hard.
I was making the change from homeschool to public school. 
{not hard academically, thanks mom}
I never felt good.
I just wanted to be able to enjoy time. 
I didn't want to be labeled a complainer or a hypochondriac.
I wasn't trying to blame God just yet, but I sure couldn't find the good.
But trust me he had it.

Ill pause there for now, meanwhile Ill be gathering my thoughts for part 2.
Please come back to read more.


  1. Thank goodness your parents wanted a second opinion... I'm going straight to part 2 now.

  2. Nobody ever comments on part one, so I will. =) I'm a new follower, here from Bronwyn's blog after I saw your cupcake guest post. New follower. I'm so sorry that you had a bad time with all of this...but I'm glad you didn't start blaming God. I'm sure it was hard not too. Going straight to pt 2!


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