Tuesday, February 14

Captivating Heart

Happy Valentine's Day! 

I am enjoying this day, 
thinking about the love I have for:
My Heavenly Father
My Husband
My Amazing Mom and Dad
My Encouraging Brother
My Supporting Grandparents
All My Friends
and even 
My Cute Dog!

I hope you take the time to tell someone that they are special.
{It is not all about being sappy.}

There are two lines from a song that have been on my heart for the past few days and I think there is no more fitting time to dwell on these thoughts than Valentine's Day.

{From God to Us}
"Has anybody told you, You're beautiful?
You might believe if you could see what I see.
'cuz everything about you is incredible,
you should have seen me smile the day that I met you."

If no one has told you today, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

This next verse has been the cry of my heart. 

"If it's true beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,
I want my life and whats in side to give Him something to behold.
I want a heart that's captivating."

{Thanks Nichole Nordeman for writing such a wonderful song}
Beautiful For Me

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