Friday, February 17

My Random Thoughts on this FRIDAY Night

Wow! I thought it would never come.
I was actually walking the dog on Wednesday afternoon thinking about how at every point in our lives we feel like there is some point that seems like it will never come.
Some times it is Friday which is only 3 days away and others it is July which may be 3 months away!

I thought I'd just talk about some random stuff today.
I mean RANDOM!

First off!
until our best couple friends get married!!
Nate and Jenny are the best 2 people you will ever meet!
We are so excited to be celebrating with them in May 
{and I have the honor of making their wedding cake}
We love y'all!

Ryan had to work tonight :(
So my awesome brother and I went to eat together and got some fro-yo after! 
He is so great!
{Should have take the pic before it began to get soft}

This is a really "Pinteresting" Picture of my favorite meal these days.
{Just thought I'd share}
Maybe I should pin it!
Avocados and Feta cheese, can't go wrong!

So I was in target on Thursday night
{Real Shocker I know!}
And I so happened to stumble upon the marshmallow section.
The advancements in this area are phenomenal!
Let me list just a few of the types you can now buy: german chocolate marshmallows, mint chocolate swirl marshmallows, cinnamon bun marshmallows, falt marshmallows {for smores}, Jumbo marshmallows, Marshmallow bits, NEED I SAY MORE?}

Finally I wanted to display my wonderful, awesome, thoughtful Valentine's Day gift from my Hubby.
When I got it, it has super uplifting Bible verses all tucked in spots and hanging from the necklace hooks. 
So thoughtful!

One more thing!
Grab one if you would like!

Happy in Life, Young in Love

Random Right?

I hope everyone you had a good week! 
I am read for a relaxing weekend, and I know you are!

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