Sunday, January 15

A "Pinteresting" Sunday ...

After 2 months of "pinning" idea after idea on Pinterest, I finally completed two of the projects I had "pinned" !

I wanted to share my new, awesome DIY home decor!

{The Letter Frame}

What You Will Need:
1.  A medium to large picture frame. [$11]
2. A piece of fabric slightly larger than your frame. [1.99]
3. A block letter (first initial of your first or last name) [1.99]
4. Hot glue gun
5. Wood fabric epoxy
6. paint
7. A handy husband (or helper)

Total Cost $15

Sand down the letter so that the paint will adhere to the surface smoothly and evenly

Be sure to iron out any wrinkles in the fabric before you apply it to the frame insert

Paint your letter a color that will match your fabric and the room

Trim the fabric to reduce excess overhang

Up close view of the fabric

Measure out your letter in order to center it in the frame and then glue it down.

The finished product!  
{sorry about the poor lighting}

{The Canvas Collage}

What You Will Need:
1. Four, 14x8 canvases [$2.00 each]
2. Fabric, 1yard x 1yard [$12]
3. Hot glue gun

Total cost $20

This one is Super Simple


Measure out your fabric, and glue it tightly around the canvas.

Arrange the canvases how you like them and have your man hang them!

The FINISHED product!

It is a great feeling to have accomplished two projects in one day!

Give it a shot! 
Find a project on Pinterest, get the supplies, and go for it!
You will have a fun time doing them and I promise they will come out better than you think!

Have you tried any Pinterest Projects? 
And if so what were they and how did they turn out? 

I cant wait to try another project soon!

Keep Pinning!
Keep Blogging!


  1. This is so cute! Don't ya just love all of the wonderful ideas on pinterest??

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  2. Thanks for stopping by and following!!! I sure do love pinterest! I thought that it was about time I do one of those projects instead of just browsing. :)

    I'm just getting started with blogging so I love following others to get great ideas and just be inspired and encouraged!


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