Love Story

Our Love Story

Ryan and I meet when he and his family started coming to my church.

I had my eye on him, but thought that he probably would never like me.

I took dance classes several night a week, and one week we had a special class on ballroom dancing.
We were told to bring a guy to class.
So, of course I thought I'd see if Ryan might want to come.
{after all he was tall}
I asked him on AOL AIM {yeah old school right?}
He agreed to come.
When the night rolled around and the class was starting there was no Ryan.
The whole time I thought he would come, but he never did. :(
When my mom picked me up, I told her what happend and she called his house.
He thought that it was the next week.

About one week later our house phone rang and Ryan asked my dad if I could go out with him and his parents for his birthday dinner.
When dad told me what he said, I was so excited.


We went on our first date on Ryan's 16th birthday {with his parents} to eat sushi.

Exactly a week later we were serving at a Valentines day function at church.
His mom told me that Ryan was upstairs and had something he wanted to give me.

He gave me the cutest card with bunnies on it that said "Happy Valentines Day"
and a box of chocolate.

We started spending every sunday afternoon together!

We waited 9 months until we had our first kiss.

We went to both proms together!

{Junior Prom}

{Senior Prom}

This was our first Christmas together!

 We have made it through several times of long distance dating.
{I studied abroad}
{He went to Philmont}
{I had to take a medical leave from college and move back home}

It wasn't always easy, but it was always worth it.

We went to college {same city different schools, to start with}

We went to lots of NCSU football games together.

Then he popped the question in January 2010!

So that was the whirlwind version of Our Love Story!
I hope you will stop by often to read up on our lives now and all there is to come!


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