I am Clara, the writer of this little blog, and this is my husband Ryan, you could call him the editor.
You are probably wondering where did I get the name of this blog.
It represent the two best things to ever happen to me: my husband and daughter.

We were married July 17th, 2010. I was 19 and he was 20.
Call us crazy, but it was the best decision we ever made.

I like to cook and bake and he likes to eat. 
We both love music of all kinds from folk to dubstep.
{yes we know those are like complete opposites}
He is an engineer and I am a SAHW {soon to be SAHM}. 
We have a dog that you will see around here a lot, named Sox!

We welcomed the best thing to ever happen to us into the world August 2013!
Nora Leigh has stolen both of our hearts!
She will probably steal 99% of this small portion of cyberspace.

I love to run and workout and well Ryan just goes with me for moral support. 

We try to live by this phrase:
"Love God, Love People"

We are so glad you stopped by our little area in cyberspace and hope you will stay a while! 
Ask us questions, Leave us comments, and follow along!

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  1. Definitely OK to still be a newlywed! :)

  2. Hey Clara, saw the name of your blog pop up and wanted to check it out :) My husband and I always want to be newlyweds too! We've been married almost 1.5 years, so we definitely still qualify ;)

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