Wednesday, February 4

Essential Oils 101

I'm so excited to share about essential oils. I know that there is so much question and lack of knowledge about them that I figured I could help clear some of that up.

First off, I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be. If you feel you have a serious medical issue, in no way am I suggesting to avoid seeking the help of a trained medical professional. The whole purpose of essential oils is to maintain wellness in order to reduce the number of strong pharmaceuticals we put into our bodies, so that when the time comes that we really need those medicines our bodies will respond quickly and appropriately.

Second, no it's not Voodoo magic despite what my husband would tell you. ha!
In the simplest explanation possible, it is taking the most potent form of the plant extract and bottling it for us to use. Plants have to fight disease, bacteria, viruses, etc daily in order to survive. By using essential oils, we are just using those natural sickness fighters found in plants. Want more detailed info? Read on Here

Oils can be used three ways: topically, ingested, and inhaled.
We apply oils topically often using what is called a carrier oil. Some oils such as lemon placed directly on the body may feel quite warm, but by using a carrier oil such a jojoba oil, avacado oil, or coconut oil, we dilute the oils just a little and give a method by which we can apply them to the skin.

You can also ingest oils, but it is very important to have oil safety when doing so. The oils should be the highest grade possible, that is why I suggest going through a company such as Young Living. You can trust the product you are receiving from this trusted company. Often if oils are not harvested from pure, organic plants, then they can be tainted and build up toxins in your liver. Not to be concerned about when using YL oils. An example would be making tea using Thieves blend and Lemon oil. These along with raw honey can do wonders for a sore throat.

Finally oils can be inhaled via a diffuser or humidifier. This is an excellent way to cleanse the air or create and up living energizing scent. Breathing in oils is a rapid method because they are absorbed in the lungs. A great oil to diffuse before bed is Lavender. Hello restful nights sleep!

Here is an addition resource that may help answer more questions.

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