Monday, April 7

Sometimes I have no clue what to call a post...

Sometimes in life you are cruising. You know, going 60 in a 55 with the windows down. Everything is smooth and then screech... A hard, challenging, tear provoking week gets thrown in. Last week was one of those weeks for us. I wouldn't say it was any one thing in particular that made the week hard, but sometimes its the little punches in a row that get you down the most. 

Ryan worked monday and left to go out of town for an overnight business trip. Nora and I were here doing our thing, but two days alone is a long time in Mommy/Baby world. He got home right at dinner time, as I was going to start dinner and the power went out from a big storm. So, we loaded up in the rain and drove 30 min to get some dinner. We stopped at walmart to grab some essentials like candles and water. When we got home, it was pitch black, pouring rain, and Sox had gotten scared and had an accident in the living room, Nora was crying because it was past her bedtime, and Ryan got a call that he had to go into work that night due to flash flooding. Whew! I literally just took Nora upstairs and said a prayer for patience and strength. Then, the rest of the week was changeling in its own way, but slightly less dramatic. We made it through it though.

So, with all that being said, I don't like to focus on the negative in life, but I think it is important to be real. After a week like that I find myself saying things like this: What are we doing? Why are we here? This isn't how I pictured life to be. You know why that is not the right reaction to the week? Because, I am not focusing on the fact that this is where God has placed us, not only geographically but also in life. God has put us here, in Eastern Kentucky, away from family, in these "character building" situations for a reason. While I think I have realized some of the reasons, it may be years until I see all that God had planned when he directed our lives here. It's so much easier to think "How can I get into a better/easier/more perfect situation?" News flash self: everything that glitters isn't GOLD! Yeah we all know that, but when it comes to actually putting on our reality glasses to look at the world and life a lot of times we forget and keep on our glittery-gold-perfect-life glasses. 

It's only natural to want perfection, but life is messy. Beautiful and messy. Marriage is extremely beautiful yet often a little messy. Motherhood is one of God's most amazing creations yet daily it is messy. We have to remind ourselves to be thankful for where we are, what ever location or life season that is. 

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