Monday, January 27

Mountain Momma

Life is worlds different than this time last year. 
Nora joined us in August, and in January we moved to Kentucky for Ryan's work. 
We have been in our new townhouse for one week now. We aren't stepping over boxes anymore but things still are still a little crazy. 

The weather is been outrageous! Snow! on Snow! on Snow! 
It's really beautiful though and since Nora and I spend most of our days at home anyway, I am not complaining. 

Life here is also much different than what I am used to. 
Rural is the best way I can describe it. 
Our town has some fast food restaurants, and pizza place, some dollar stores, and a tiny grocery store! 
Target? you ask...
oh that would be an hour and fifteen minutes away.
Same for Starbucks!
Just call me "Mountain Momma"

I am excited to keep family and friends updated on life here, and all of Nora's adventures.
Here are some photos of life lately.

Nora Playing with Grandma and Grandpa L. before the big move.

"Mom, I can't fit it all in my bag!"
Nora Packing...

The snow we got just two days after moving into our new place in KY.
Arctic Blast for days.


  1. girl.. i feel you when you say target and starbucks is so far away! we live in the same type of setting. except no mountains.. more like straight up country. corn fields and flat land for miles upon miles. it's tough being so far away from places and people that were once close and enjoyable at a arms length. i guess we'll have to find and learn to love all the dollar stores ;) haha

    1. It sure is an adjustment but I am already learning contentment! It sure will make you realize how much we take for granted sometimes! so far the dollar store hasn't been too bad haha


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