Thursday, August 23

More Friends = More Fun!

Meet Darby!
She has been making the side of my blog beautiful all month long, and I think it is time you learn a little bit about her and be sure and leave her some love!

Here she is with some little facts and a blurb about all that you can find on her blog and more!
About "Life with the Hawleys" by Darby

"Our blog began as a way for the Mr. and I to document our marriage and the start of our lives together.  But let's be honest, while I do all the writing, he is the master-mind behind me, supporting me, and making sure I get the most perfect pictures for you. So I'll just keep telling our story... the way I remember it.  Life with the Hawleys is a hodge-podge collection of our lives, foodie adventures and recipes, travel, dog tales, musings, photography, craft projects, home renovations, and home decor.  Pull up a chair, a large cup of coffee, and come visit with us!"

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