Friday, July 13

Friday Randoms

Glad you're here!
Glad it's Friday!!
Do you have big plans?
I have been looking forward to the weekend all week!
Oh wait, what is new ;)

I'm coming at you with a post full of random tid bits, some information interesting, some funny, some cool, some not, some sweet, some great, some far off, some present!

So, go on catch up on life around here!  :)

~ Our best and most wonderful friends from Raleigh, Nate and Jenny are coming into town to visit us this weekend and I am about to burst with joy! We havent seen them since their weeding and our other friends weeding which was in July so it is about time!

~ I worked Cow Appreciation Day Today and I am not really appreciating the cow or Chick-Fil-A right now actually. It was the craziest busiest day I have ever worked in my life. I left with a headache of a lumber jack and never want to see a cow again! :) If you dressed like a cow, WE LOVE YOU! It was just a mad house in there!

~ I am convinced that the people who live above us wear those wooden shoes from Holland when the stomp around in their apartment. It shakes our light bulbs!

~ I blogged about the best summer invention ever over here this week! {It involves Ice Cream}

~ Mine and Ryan's 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY is on the 17th! Only a few day's away! He has written me a letter each day! We don't have huge plans, but I think it will be a wonderful anniversary none the less!

~ My best friends wedding is just 3 weeks away!! Cant wait!! :)

So there you have it.
I know there is more.
There always is, but I guess I should go get ready for our friends and spend time with the Hubs!
Have a great weekend friends and I'll try to get some pictures from our weekend!!


  1. I just had to comment because my boyfriend and I's (is that grammatically correct?) anniversary is on the 17th too. That is too funny. I know it's not the same as a wedding anny but I couldn't not say something.

    Happy early Anniversary!

  2. Cow appreciation day?! Haha! I didn't know that existed :) I hope you guys have a great weekend and happy early anniversary!!!

  3. i just love this:) new follower for sure

  4. i missed this post somehow.. but i found it :)

    couple things..

    one - happy early anniversary!! :) :) yay! we're coming up on 1 year and that's so exciting!!

    two - hey now - not all people with dutch shoes from holland are terrible! [and yes.. this may have given my location away]

    three - you wrote weeding [twice] in your first paragraph about your friends visiting. i loved it and laughed and then read it again and laughed some more :)

    happy monday girlfriend!


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