Sunday, June 24

Sox Goes Grocery Shopping

Yesterday we took Sox, our dog, to Petco for the first time.
I think I had about as much fun watching him check out all the stuff in there as he did.
I took some pictures of him grocery shopping, for your entertainment.
He also found several toys that interested him, but found that his bank account was running a little low.

Enjoy these pics
And Happy Sunday!!


  1. haha. this is exactly what sherm does every single time he goes to petco. there is so much to smell! Sox, you look like a shopping pro!

  2. So cute! I love how the little things can make us feel so happy! :)

  3. love this! sunny looooooves petsmart. he gets so excited and sniffs/licks/tries to grab everything. if only dog toys werent as expensive as a week's worth of groceries!


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