Friday, June 15

Silly, Quirky Confessions

So I was thinking that you might like to get to know me even better!
And what better way is there to do that than for me to "confess" to you some little secrets.
They are mostly funny and some well slightly embarrassing but I trust that you enjoy these that is why I share.

I am obsessed with HGTV.
I will watch every show on that channel even yard crashers {even though I think it is silly}.
My favorite show is house hunters. Sometimes I will watch it back to back to back... oops

I can't spell!
Every time I type recipe, I spell it recipie!
I used to spell does, dose. Yeah, pretty bad right?

Ever since our friends threw an end of the year dance party I have been hooked on Dubstep.
{If you haven't heard of it, it is basically top 20 songs remixed with a better beat and some cool sounds!!}
I also have regular solo dance parties to this music while I am cooking, driving, getting ready, etc... do you have a mental picture yet?

My running shoes... THEY SMELL.
I have to soak them in Oxy Clean regularly to get the smell out. 
I don't know why they smell, but everything I have tried does not work.

I have an obsession with vacuuming.
When we lived in an apartment with carpet, I would vacuum anywhere from 3-5 times a week!
I just love to see the canister full of dirt! Then I know my floors are super clean!

I talk to other drivers. 
I tell them what they are doing wrong,
 how little I think of their skills, and sometimes I ask them if they got their license at K-Mart. 
 sorry if that was every you ... ;)

I am semi-repulsed/grossed out by the movies ever since I read an article about what scientists found when they did a culture of the seats. {YUCK!} 
Now I will only go to really expensive fancy ones. 
Bummer right? 

I am a terrible story teller. 
If it weren't for my husband, my jokes would make no sense, my stories would leave people completely confused, and well I would probably still be trying to tell stories. 

So those are just a few of my quirky confessions. 
I hope you don't judge me, just find me all the more interesting. Right? 
Ok, so maybe not but lets hope.
We all have those things that makes us uniquely you!
What are your quirky confessions?


  1. I always spell recipe wrong too! That and caffeinated. It doesn't follow the ie rule!

    And I talk to other drivers, though I'm pretty sure in my case it's called road rage? I tend to use a lot of profanity. My poor steering wheel is no longer innocent.

  2. I always dance while doing housework too! It makes it a little more fun...although my music of choice is typically whatever is playing on the country radio station.

  3. I am also obsessed with HGTV! My home obsession is instead not with vacuuming, but with dishes. I can't have dishes out. I am constantly doing them (and organizing them in their place) because I am constantly eating---YUM!

  4. So funny! I really was obsessed with HGTV, too, when we had cable. It's so interesting. :)

    Ross has a hard time telling stories without me too. So often, he'll start down a long path of a story, and you can tell he gets bored with it, gets right up to the end, and instead of explaining the very last part, he just says "so yeah... that's pretty much it." And then I have to tell the end! lol ADD.


  5. Such a fun post! You make me want to watch more HGTV!

  6. Oh HGTV! I love it too! :) - I have that same problem with my TOMS shoes... they end up so stinky! Ugh.

  7. correction: you tell the greatest stories. don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

  8. LOL youre soo funny.. but ya movie theater seats are GROSS.. they have bed bugs in them that can latch on to you & then bury themselevs in your bed! ugh. im itchy thinking about it. and clearly i watch too many bed bug shows ;)

  9. HGTV is dangerous -- especially house Hunters! I know if I turn it on I am committing to a full half hour - I can't turn it off in the middle without knowing which house they pick!

  10. I love dubstep too! It's great for running. Your quirky confessions are awesome! I feel like I know you better :)

    1. I am so glad that I am not the only one who loves dubstep! It is so great for running! :) haha


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