Thursday, June 28

5 Tips to a Tidy Home

I am the type of person who feels ten times better if my house is clean.
If I am under the impression that my house is clean.

No one has time to scrub the toilet, shower, floors, and vacuum every day, but you do have time do these 5 things.

If I do these I feel like a million bucks! 
It is real-life. I know I am kind of lame, but I love to at least feel like my house is clean and tidy.

1. Light a Candle
Smell is everything. 
If it smells clean and fresh then in my mind it is clean and fresh!

2. Wipe the Kitchen Counter Tops Off
Clean countertops are a beautiful thing. 
You can always start a meal when the counter tops are clean and clutter free.
You don't have to worry about putting your purse on the counter top or the fresh groceries, etc... because they are CLEAN!!
My FAVORITE product ever is Clorox Green Works! 

3. Make the Bed. 
You rooms will look much tidier and when you go to bed you will feel more refreshed when you get in a bed that was made! Trust me it is a fact! 
I have made the bed at 8PM before just to get in it at 10PM so I could get in a made bed!

4. Pick up the Clutter.
Just make a quick sweep around the house for shoes and dog toys and purses or whatever else is just laying around. 
I know that for me, having all the dog toys in the basket makes my house feel much cleaner. 
It takes only a few seconds but is so worth it. 
{I am sure I'll be really back about toys when that day comes}

5. Clear off the Dinner Table
Our dinner table is a magnet for mail and all types of stuff, but it takes just a few minutes to clear it off and it makes our house look so much better to have it cleaned off.
It also encourages us to eat at the table together NOT on the couch infront of the tv.

So, the million dollar question. 
Do I do these every day? 
No. I am in no way perfect!  
Do I try? 
They are my goal and when they are done they work. 

 Do not attempt to complete at 10PM at night. I often do this because I am slightly OCD and sometimes can't get in bed until I feel that the house is clean. 
This is a bad thing! Abort list and try again tomorrow!

I am also over here today!!!
All My Love for All My Days is such a great blog and I am so honored to be guest posting on her blog today about some of my favorite things right now!


  1. oh how I love clorox green works. truly my best friend. and I also try to do all of this at 10. I've gotten better at just "letting things go" over the years ... but I still have to have the clutter picked up before I can sleep.

  2. Amen! I'm a firm believer that a bedroom can be atrocious but with a made bed it looks like it's got it all together. One thing to add to this list, is dirty dishes..for me at least. If I see dirty dishes in the sink, I feel like the kitchen is a wreck!

  3. New follower! :) Excited to read more!

  4. Coming from another slightly OCDer, I have to have the house clean too! My husband just commented this morning that I left a few dishes in the sink overnight and all is still well in the world. I told him it was the first thought I had when I woke up this morning. I try really hard to let these things go sometimes but I just cant! By 9am I had the kitchen,both bathrooms cleaned and all furniture dusted in the house LOL. !

  5. I totally agree with #2. It bugs me so much when there's too much stuff on the counter. As for #5, ours is the coffee table where everything ends up and get cluttered and the mail gets piled on the table by the door. Bugs me a lot too. Oh goodness, I woke up at 3am and HAD to clean because the house felt so dirty. I totally understand.

  6. I need to get better about tidying up. It's so hard at night when all I want to do is climb into bed so I need to make more of an effort to tidy all day. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Oh yeah same here! I try to do these all day and avoid doing them at night but you know it doesn't always happen that way. And it really annoys my husband when I get on a cleaning rampage at 10 at night ... ops!

  7. I'm the exact same way! Also, I nominated you for the blog award you posted about. I know you already got it, and don't expect you to do another post, but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog :)

  8. My thing is that I can't let dirty dishes hang out on the counter or in the sink at all, i always do them right away. And yes, it's definitely nice to have a cleared off counter and dinner table. I "solved" the mail-all-over-the-table problem just by getting a little envelope holder or mail-slot thingy that I just put on a shelf in the kitchen. The mail we need to get to is still conveniently available, it just doesn't look as messy.

  9. Totally agree---I have to make my day everyday and keep our kitchen counters and table clean!!!! Now, I just need to find a good summer candle and I'm set:) Glad others have the same OCDness!


  10. Love the disclaimer haha!

    New to your blog :) Love your slogan at the top!

  11. i love this list! i do all of these things. especially making the bed and lighting a candle.


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