Thursday, May 31

Guest Post: "Girl in Flight"

Oh Boy! I have a treat for you all today!!
I have Laura from Girl in Flight who lives in England!! {Ekk, how I would love to visit her!}
She is sharing some funny words that we say differently! I laughed when I read them so I am sure you will too!

Be sure and check out her blog and leave her some love!!


Hi, I’m Laura and I blog over at Girl in Flight. I’m so excited that Clara has let me blog over here! I’m married to Simon and we live with our very fat hamster, Hercules. You know how people get crazy about their dogs? Well I’m super crazy about my hamster. I don’t know why, I’m just a little odd.

This is me enjoying some very rare sunshine. I live in England, and in England it rains a lot. A lot a lot. I forgot what my legs looked like until the sun poked its face out the past few days!

Anyway, being an English blogger I’m kind of a rarity in the blogosphere. I encounter words like “pantyhose” and “sidewalk” all the time. I bet you never hear the words “tights” or “pavement” much, huh? So I’m going to get a little list going of American English and, well, English English. It’d be fun if you could add some more below – I need all the help I can get!

So here goes…in vaguely alphabetical order…

§  Band Aid – Yeah, we call this a plaster. Like the stuff you smother on the walls.
§  Bangs – Fringe
§  Cellphone – Mobile. As you read it, say it in a British accent, you’ll sound a bit like Hugh Grant
{and who doesn’t want to sound like Hugh Grant?!}
§  Diaper – Nappy.
§  Elevator – Lift. Although elevator is a cooler word, I’m not going to lie…
§  Freeway – Motorway.
§  Garbage – Rubbish. Also you say trash. I kind of like that, though. I always say it in my super bad
American accent and I feel really quite cool.
§  Jell-o – Jelly. Which is super confusing because don’t you call jam, jelly?
§  Mail – Post. But who would want to watch a film called “You’ve Got Post”?!
§  Pacifier – Dummy.
§  Plushie – Soft toy. Don’t laugh but I had no idea what this meant when I first read it. I thought it
was another word for tushy. If tushy’s a rude word I really hope Clara edits it out…
§  Popsicle – Ice lolly. I had to get clarification for this a few days ago.
§  Sweater – Jumper.
§  Trunk – Boot. Which is kind of confusing because boots go on your feet…
§  Vacation – Holiday.

Now I’ve managed to embarrass myself on someone else’s blog, won’t you stop by mine and read more embarrassing stories {like the time I accidentally watered a house-guest}? Or leave me a comment, I like comments!!

Thank you lovely Clara for hosting me and generally being a lovely sponsor!


Thanks so much Laura!! I hope you all enjoyed that and go leave her some love and be sure to check out her blog!!


  1. Replies
    1. Unless you meant Clara's, and then what I should be saying is, "Agreed" :D

  2. This was really cool. I tried saying all these words in an English accent, so I ended at up laughing at myself more than laughing at the words.

    1. Let's be honest, the best word to say in an English accent is "knickers". It just sounds so rude! My American accent is dire, I kinda sound like a cross between a seal and someone with a bad cold...!

  3. Thank u for introducing me to another amazing blog! Laura is hilarious!!!!

  4. oh laura, how i love you. this was such a fun post. i wish i knew how to do an english accent i always end up sounding irish for some reason?

    1. That's another accent I can't master, and my surname is Rafferty for crying out loud! :P Seriously, you have all the luck...!

  5. I love this!!!
    I'm from NZ, and our English is very British. I recently moved to Australia, and their English is very American!
    I definitely relate much more to the 'English English' above although there are a few words that differ...
    Band aid - sticking plaster (pretty much the same though)
    We do tend to say 'mail' more than post in NZ
    Plushie - stuffed toy (I'd never even heard of a plushie before today!)
    Popsicle - ice block
    Sweater - sweat shirt (same, same but different again)
    There are so much more (fries/chips, panties/undies/knickers) but I'm having a minor mind blank for now. Such a fun post though :)


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