Friday, April 13

Apartment Hunting and Road Tripping

By the time you will be reading this, Ryan and I will be well on our way to find ourselves a new apartment in Greenville, SC! We are pretty excited to head out on this trip and see exactly where we will be moving and also have a little get away!

{I am not going to lie, I need one! I have been beyond stressed with school and these group projects. That's another story for another day.}

I have lots of places all scheduled for us to see, and I think that we will find a place that we will like!
I just hope that when we get down there in June, this chick can find a job!
{Who wouldn't want me right?}

We are staying in downtown Greenville and I am excited to see what it is like!
I have heard there are lots of good restaurants and fun things to do!

Here is a cool picture of downtown, look for a post all about our visit {coming soon}!

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