Thursday, March 15

Ups and Downs and All Arounds

I can barely believe that another week is coming to an end so soon already.

This week has not been as amazing as last week, but when I look back on it there have been some pretty funny highlights and interesting events.

Yesterday Sox had had his teeth cleaned, which is much more of a fiasco for a dog than for a human. It was an all day event. He was put to sleep and everything, which makes for a quite comical dog. When he came home he staged a sit in at the dog bowls because he was so hungry, and doctors orders were to only give him 1/2 his usual amount of food, which he was not crazy about. He also was a slobber drool baby and could not figure out where to lay down. I think he getting back to his normal self today, thank goodness! Still a little sleepy, but what is new!

I gave a presentation in a class this morning with some other classmates, and despite a rather large misunderstanding, our professor still gave us a 92! I was quite alright with that!

In other good news, Ryan is moving on to the final round with his job opportunity! We are so thankful and are praying for good outcomes!

The down of the week has most certainly been my unrelenting migraine that has now been around for 4 days. If had time to just sleep and take medicine for one whole day then I might have gotten over it in 1 or 2 days, but life goes on and so the migraine lingers. I am just praying that it goes away soon because I can't take it much more. If you have ever had one before you know what I am talking about.

I am really excited about this weekend because Ryan and I are going to a Theological Development Seminar at our church Vintage 21 this Saturday morning which should be really good. The topic is on marriage and I am always eager to learn as much as possible to make our marriage the best possible. After the seminar we might even get to go get a special lunch!

I am going to try to get lots of homework done with weekend so that graduation will come even faster and maybe we will do something fun with some friends!

Oh and the Wolfpack play on Friday! GO STATE!

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