Friday, March 16

Spray Tan Oops..

So today I decide that rather than laying out for hours upon end to get a nice glowing tan, I will go to my tanning place and get a spray tan.
Now, I get spray tans sometimes and they go really well. The usual happens, sticky and smelly after, but a nice glow for about a week after and no one can tell it is not from the sun.
Well today I go, and they say "well if you lay in the tanning bed for like 5 min it will open your pores and you will receive the spray better", so of course I do that.
When I get out of the tanning bed, I ask one of the girls working there if the versa spa was ready for me or did I need to wait. She said it was my turn, so I go in there and I do my thing.
Well, first thing that does't go right is that it won't do the hydration after the color so I get out just thinking that it was their mistake and all of the sudden I realize that I am already darker!!!!
I usually get the kind that take 3 hours to develop and I am kind of starting to freak out. I wipe some of it off of my hands because they look crazy and the rest of me is already pretty dark. I pat dry and go out to leave.
I ask the lady if the right color was in there and she said that I had actually gone out of order and that the color I was sprayed with was dark! AHHH
She said "it will be ok but I hope you want to be tan!"
Oh well I wasn't mad but it was a crazy little tanning experience haha.
So typical me.


  1. haha :) You got out of there being a few shades darker.. no big deal :)

    1. Oh yeah girl haha I look like I went to the bahamas in an hour, but luckily I am not orange so that is all that matters!
      Hope you enjoyed your break!!!

  2. Haha! Oh man, I've always been afraid of the spray tan. I probably wouldn't turn at the right time and then I would look crazy! Thank goodness you didn't leave orange :)


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