Wednesday, February 29

Hijacked by Sox...

So today, I thought I'd let you in on what life is like through Sox's eyes...

Hi, this is me, doing my thing and keeping watch on the neighborhood.

I go for three power walks a day to take care of business and get some exercise.
Last time I was at the vet, I was told to maintain my weight, so I am doing just that.
{How Rude!}

I have two awesome owners, the guy likes to wrestle and the girl likes to snuggle.

On the first of the month we pay the rent bill and that is pretty awesome because people in the office think I am the coolest things since sliced bread. {aka lots of petting}

Don't tell Clara this, but I am pretty sure that people only Like her stuff on Facebook if it has me in it.
It might sound preposterous but I am seeing a trend here!

Well, I guess that is about all, it's back to my perch by the window.

I <3 Dogs
Happy Wednesday and Leap Year Day


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    1. Thanks! He really is the best dog we could have asked for.
      And you guessed it, he is mostly golden retriever. We adopted him, so we don't what else is mixed in, but his loving side is from the golden.
      Thanks for stoping by!


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