Monday, January 30

Season of Love

This year I have really been thinking about Valentine's Day.
I have never been one to make a huge deal about this holiday.
This year I want to take the chance to reflect on examples of Godly relationships and ways we can grow in our love.

I think that we all know couples who truly exemplify the meaning of a Christ-centered marriage.

I want to share with you who these people are in my life.

My Mom and Dad

"What makes them so great?" you ask.
"You are biased, since they are your parents," you say.

I am not the only one who would tell you that my parents are a beautiful example of what Christ desires in a marriage. 

Here are just a few reasons why I desire to have a marriage and family like them one day.

1. My dad is constantly striving to make himself the man that God would have him be. He will be open and honest and tell you his struggles. He knows that without Christ at the center of his life, he could not be a leader for my mom or my brother and me. 
2. My mom is the most selfless person you would ever meet. She gave up years and years of education {to become a pediatrician}, all to make the home-life of our family more pleasing to Christ. 
3. They love to spend time together, growing in His Word. Recently, since my brother and I have moved out of the house, my parents have made such a focus on serving others through Christ. I have seen their love for each other grow and grow. 
4. Together, they desire nothing more than to live their life free from the bondage of this world. Their love and generosity for and toward others is like no other.

I pray for a marriage like this. 
They will tell you that it has not always been perfect, and that the moment sin has a stronghold, is the moment your marriage is vulnerable.
They told me this as Ryan and I were getting married.

As the days lead up to Valentine's Day, I will be sharing what I believe to be the true meaning of love, the people in my life I love, couples who will soon join the married club, etc.

I hope you will find encouragement, laughter, and joy in these stories.


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