Wednesday, January 18

Glamorless... but that is life

I guess everyday is not as, well... glamorous as others.

"Well why are you blogging about it?" you ask.
Well, I debated blogging today, but then I realized that I am not the only one 
who has those blah days.
I also think that honesty is the best policy. 
I am not here to make my life look like rainbows and bunnies.
I want to be real.
I want to share my struggles so that I may one day be an encouragement to those who face the same daily challenges I do.

My day started by doing a small babysitting job for a group of young women who are doing a Beth Moore bible study.
It is fun and I enjoy being able to allow those young mothers grow deeper in their relationship with Christ, and I know that one day I would like someone like my self to do that for me so that I can do a Beth Moore study.

It sure is tiring though!

With 12 kids and 3 girls my age, we have our hands full to say the least.
{only 3 of the kids can talk and express their needs through words}

Right after I babysat, I rushed off to campus to work on one of the never ending projects I am doing this semester.
We already have had to write a 12 page paper!

{ok so its not that bad, but we have only been in school for 1 1/2 weeks and
 I have already had 3 paper due! wacko}

At 1:00 we had a meeting with our Professor to get started on the huge project we are doing.

I made it home by 2:30.

I was super hungry by that point!
{my Kashi "heart to heart" was long gone}

The hard part of the day was that by 3:00 I was in agonizing pain from the cronic migranes that I suffer from. After eating some left overs I crashed on the couch in hopes of relieving the pain. 
I had to resort to taking my medicine.
 {which I hate doing, but if I don't it will become out of had fast and could last for days}

As a result of my lack of energy and ability to do pretty much anything, Ryan picked up a pizza from Dominos {not healthy, I know}.

It was budget worthy though, because on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Dominos has $7.95 large 3 topping pizzas for carry out! Awesome deal, and it was pretty yummy!

Although today I did not cook anything, create any awesome projects, or even taken any descriptive photos, I believe that it was still blog worthy because everyone has these days. 
It makes me feel normal to read about others rough days.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13

I hope this encouraged you all, and the next time you feel like you are having one 
of those days, just remember you are not alone.

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  1. Clara,
    Thank you for sharing all those beautiful words!!! Their was times that i use to ask myself the same question "Why am i blogging"... I came to a conclusion that maybe by me sharing things that were going on in my life i would be able to help some else!!! Thanks for your honesty.

    Ani Allen
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